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New Teaching Ideas
Bell Work, Sponge Activities

Bell Work Ideas

Where's Thanksgiving?
What's in Millennium?
Find Someone Who…
Strings by Length

Sponge Activities

Olympic Trivia
Plan the Voyage
Jump Rope
Guess the Title
Love Toss

Check Out Teaching Tips
Centers, Bulletin Boards

Center Ideas

A to Z
Oil Pastel Fruit
Picture Replicas
Irish Mobiles
What's Your Valentine Worth?

Interactive Bulletin Boards

How do you like your eggs?
Fruit or Vegetable
Telling Time
Long Division

Lesson Plans & Thematic Units
Lesson Plans, Thematic Units

Lesson Plans

Where We Live
Steal the Bacon
Assembly Line
MLK Internet Photo Timeline
Pueblo Pottery

Thematic Units


Downloads & Reproducibles
Reproducibles, Class Certificates


O is for Olympics
Doorknob Template
Put the Presidents in Line
Most Common Languages
Map of Oceania

Class Certificates

Helping Out
Monthly Achievement
Too Cool
Excellent Scientific Research