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New Teaching Ideas
Bell Work, Sponge Activities

Bell Work Ideas

Grateful for America
A to Z Names
Unscramble the States
Student Pursuit
Opinion and Fact Statements

Sponge Activities

Animal Drawings
Dance to the Music
Simon Says
Basic Stretching
Class Acrostics

Check Out Teaching Tips
Centers, Bulletin Boards

Center Ideas

Length of Foot vs. Height
Discoverer of America?
What’s My Name Worth?
Bring Your Own Tale
Take for Granted

Interactive Bulletin Boards

Time Zones
Instant Messaging
How do you like your eggs?
Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin
Fruit or Vegetable

Lesson Plans & Thematic Units
Lesson Plans, Thematic Units

Lesson Plans

Cuisenaire Fractions
Cinderella Cinderella
Steal the Bacon
The Missing Word
Calculator Buying

Thematic Units


Downloads & Reproducibles
Reproducibles, Class Certificates


Turkey Border
Monster Math
Puzzle Ring
Basic Shapes
How Many Syllables?

Class Certificates

Earth Day
Helping Hand
Too Cool
Monthly Achievement